The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled a complaint against individual social media influencers who have a wide following in the online gaming community. FTC has charged that they have been deceptively endorsing the online gambling service CSGO Lotto. And they have not disclosed that they jointly owned the company.

According to the FTC statement, they also paid other influencers to promote their company on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook.

Here’s the FTC statement highlighting its action:

The Commission’s complaint alleges that Martin, Cassell, and their company misrepresented that videos of themselves and other influencers gambling on the CSGO Lotto website and their social media posts about the website reflected the independent opinions of impartial users of the service. The complaint charges that, in truth, Martin and Cassell are owners and officers of the company operating the CSGO Lotto website and the other influencers were paid to promote the website and were prohibited from impugning its reputation.

Finally, the complaint alleges that a number of Martin’s, Cassell’s, and the gaming influencers’ CSGO Lotto videos and social media posts deceptively failed to adequately disclose that Martin and Cassell are owners and officers of the company operating the gambling service, or that the influencers received compensation to promote it.

CSGO Lotto Owners Settle FTC’s First-Ever Complaint Against Individual Social Media Influencers


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