Everyone of us wants to grow our business. We spend sizable amount on sales, marketing, product development and customer service. We should also include the element of customer success. If you want to run a business in a cost-efficient manner, you should make sure that your customers are happy and successful.

HubSpot columnist Eva Klein has published an article on importance of customer service for today’s businesses.

Talking about customer service as one of the growth engines of a business, Klein says, “Today, buyers are flooded with previously unimaginable choice. They have more options, more information, and more demands on their attention than ever before. The balance of power has shifted and buyers no longer have to put up with annual contracts. More and more software companies are shifting to freemium models that allow customers to try before they buy and cancel at any time.

And buyers have started to tune out marketing. Globally, only 3% of people say they trust sales and marketing professionals (ouch!). The cost-per-click for ads is rising on every channel, people are tuning out marketing messages, and social giants like Facebook have become the gatekeeping bridge troll demanding payment to reach any audience at all (even an audience that has opted in to hear from you).

When it becomes more expensive to acquire customers and easier for them to leave, something inevitable happens — businesses start paying a whole lot more attention to keeping existing customers very, very happy”.

Customer Success: The Third Growth Engine of Business


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