When it comes to content creation and marketing, video rules. Even on social media, more than 80% of content is seen in video form. To influence more people to use your products and services, video creation one of the best ways.

While creating marketing or promotional video you need to stay focused and should try to present your appeal in an effective manner.

To help marketers come out with great video content, Copyblogger’s Cheryl Tan has published a quick-start guide for video creation.

Tan says, “Are you ready to up your content game with videos? This guide will share five steps to help you get started and become confident on camera.

Step #1: Make the commitment

I won’t sugarcoat it. Creating videos can be frustrating. There is a learning curve and you may not be pleased with your results at first.

You will record something, look at it, and then make the mistake of comparing your video to what other people are creating on YouTube.

What you have to remember is those same people — the ones with millions of followers today — had to start at zero, too.

So, get started!

In March, I ran a Video Bootcamp for entrepreneurs and creatives. They all understood the power of using video to spread their messages. But they didn’t know what to say, what to wear, and what type of equipment to use”.

A Quick-Start Guide to Video Content: Become Confident on Camera in 5 Steps


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