Programmatic advertising  refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. According to recent eMarketer estimates, in 2017, programmatic display ad spend will reach nearly $33 billion. And by 2018, three-quarters of video ad dollars will transact programmatically.

To help marketers learn more about the programmatic, Econulstancy writer Seán Donnelly has highlighted five programmatic advertising trends from his interview with Getintent’s George Levin.

Donnelly says, “Programmatic advertising continues to grow rapidly, but despite a lot being written about it and a range of conferences dedicated specifically to the topic, it would seem that marketers still need to educate themselves on what programmatic is, how it can be deployed strategically and how best to manage it.

This is especially important as programmatic continues to evolve beyond basic retargeting to include digital out-of-home, TV and audio. The pace of change certainly isn’t making things easy for marketers to understand, let alone optimise.

Outsourcing programmatic versus managing in-house

With the rapid pace of change, it’s no surprise that many brands are using agencies to manage their programmatic activities rather than hiring their own teams. Of course brands may have their own reasons for this but it’s no surprise that one of the main criticisms of this approach is that it can negatively impact upon creativity”.

Programmatic in 2017: An interview with Getintent’s George Levin


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