Content marketing has come out as a strong facet that has enabled the marketers to use an altogether new channel to promote their products and services through content. Most of the marketers use content as a promotional tool now.

Entrepreneur columnist Andrew Medal has posted an article showing content as a service as the next evolution of marketing.

Highlighting the future of content marketing with the tag ‘Meet CaaS, the future of content management’, Medal says, “While most businesses are struggling to manage all of the content needed to attract, convert and delight customers, there are some exciting new content as a service companies making it easier to manage and repurpose content.

Companies such as Prismic or Contentful are empowering marketers, developers and other business units to access, manipulate and share content from a centralized location. These platforms allow businesses to manage content in an agnostic way.

This means that content can be formatted so that it looks best on any given channel, making it easier to provide an omnichannel experience to prospects and customers”.

Content as a Service Is the Next Evolution for Marketing


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