The Data Studio allows users to turn their data into informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read. Google keeps adding more and more features to it including various report formats.

Now Data Studio can be used to prepare embedded reports also so that users can publish the reports directly on their sites.

Talking about this new feature, Google’s Nick Mihailovski says, “Many customers want to bring Data Studio reports into their workflows or publish Data Studio reports on their own website. Now you can embed Data Studio reports in your websites and apps using simple iframe embedding. To see your report in your site, edit it, select Report > File > Embed report, then put the HTML code snippet into an iframe. Embeds can be fully interactive, and support both private, public, and non-logged in access, giving you fine-grained control over who can see your data.This new capability will allow you to share compelling data stories through your public websites and blogs, or share critical insights using your own business applications for no additional cost”.

Google Data Studio: quicker and broader access to data

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