Pinterest is one of the most successful social tools to grow your website traffic.

Entrepreneur columnist Melyssa Griffin has shared three strategies to use Pinterest for getting more traffic to your sites.

Griffin says, “Before utilizing my Pinterest strategies, I had about 2,000 subscribers. Twelve months after implementing my strategic Pinterest system, I was up to 40,000 subscribers. Now, after two years, I’m nearing 200,000 subscribers. It’s kind of insane.

And this new surge in traffic and subscribers rapidly grew my business, too. Within one year of using my Pinterest strategies, I literally 5x-ed my revenue! Seriously, Pinterest is my secret weapon, and now I want to make it yours, too.

Check out these three essential Pinterest strategies that will help you turn this often-neglected platform into your own marketing powerhouse — no matter which niche or industry you’re in.

1. Create a profile that attracts the right people.

When you initially create a blog or business, what’s the first thing that most experts tell you to do? Figure out who your target audience is. (More info on how to do that here).

Your Pinterest account is no different”.

3 Super Simple Pinterest Strategies to Quickly Grow Your Website’s Traffic


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