In the digital era data plays an important role in almost all the business strategies and judgements. And marketing is the one which benefits most with the right data usage.

Entrepreneur columnist AJ Agrawal has shared nine techniques to use data-driven marketing for getting more customers.

Agrawal says, “Now that marketing is more customer-centric, and success is often measured by the ability of a brand to connect with a target audience, many marketers are turning to data-driven strategies to help understand their customer base more completely.

Here are some ways you too can use data-driven marketing to get more customers.

1. Set up buyer personas.

Big-data technology allows marketers to more easily collect information, in order to create personas of different segments of their customer base. Using marketing personas has made websites two to five timesmore effective at gaining conversions; that success has made this strategy a great way to attract more customers.

So, do this yourself: Use data about the habits and characteristics of different segments of your audience to target your marketing more effectively”.

9 Cool Ways You Can Use Data-Driven Marketing to Gain Customers

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