With its huge user base, Instagram has come out as a strong player in the social media marketing domain. To get more out of your Instagram efforts, you need to publish more and more.

HubSpot columnist Bethany Cartwright has shared five tips to help you create 30 days worth of Instagram posts in one day.

Cartwright says, “Creating a bulk of content for any channel requires a few hours of focused energy, some inspiration, and the right tools.

Before we dig in, be sure set aside time to focus energy on your Instagram content. Start by blocking off time on your calendar to create all of your posts. Start with two hours. We promise: creating 30 posts at once will be easier than you think. 

Once you’ve found your focus, it’s time to look for inspiration.

1) Look to your favorite brands for inspiration.

The best way to create variety is to get outside of your own bubble. Don’t just look around your office or at your past Instagram posts to draw inspiration for new posts.

Instead, start your creative process by looking at the brands you personally follow. Look at brands you admire (or even your friends) and look at what types of posts people tend to engage with”.

How to Create 30 Days Worth of Instagram Posts in One Day


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