Instagram is one of the best platforms that enhances your social media presence and enables you to reach out maximum number of people.

George Beall has shared seven tips to help marketers improve Instagram engagement.

Beall says, “Here are 7 tips to help you boost your engagement on Instagram following the recent changes.

1. Avoid bots.

Because of powerful algorithms that can separate real users from automated bots, Instagram can tell if you are using a bot.

Since using a bot is a blatant violation of their terms of use, if your account is caught using one, you will get “shadowbanned.” A shadowban means that your content will pop up on followers’ feeds less often and you will not appear on discovery pages.

What makes this worse is that you will never be able to fully know if you have been shadowbanned or not. Overall, bots will hurt you in the long run more than they will help.

2. Limit yourself to one post per day.

Since Instagram’s new algorithm means content can pop up for a longer period of time, it can actually be detrimental to post too frequently”.

7 tips to increase your engagement on Instagram

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