Google is planning to have an ad blocker in the Chrome browser. It can affect the advertisers and they will have to rethink their ad strategies.

Marketing Land columnist Blaise Lucey has published an article on Google’s ad blocking plan and what care should be taken by marketers.

Lucey says, “Chrome dominates the browser field today, with 54 percent market share. Google will never actually block ads, but it’s clear that there’s a priority to clean up the biggest offenders when it comes to bounce rate and user experience. Like native ads, Chrome’s ad filter will become another built-in experience.

Teams need to think about how they can start building ads that are less interruptive and more seamless. While it’s tempting to create ads that jump out at users, it’s obvious that this tactic is being met with diminishing returns.

Google’s latest ad offerings indicate that the company is hoping to push a better user experience that is less disruptive to web visitors and more content-centric than ad-centric”.

Google’s big gamble on ad blocking and why you should care

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