Customer relationship is a key in growing your business. Effective communication with your customers helps you keep them updated about your products and offerings. Also by researching you need to know more about them to keep them happy and satisfied.

Econsultancy’s Nicholas Villani has published a guide to customer research.

Villani says, “Whether you work in marketing, sales, product or even finance, getting out to speak with your customers is invaluable.

Regardless of if you work in a multinational FMCG company, the financial sector, a not-for-profit or a start-up, the customer is the most important stakeholder in every decision your business makes, so talking to a few of them seems like a pretty smart idea.

Of course, when it comes to conducting customer interviews, sending out surveys and collating insights, method overrules madness. Employing some fundamental principles and ground rules will ensure that you are making the most of this opportunity, and not leading yourself or your customer astray.

In this article we will explore:

  • 1. Guerilla research
  • 2. Qualitative research
    • a. Customer research
    • b. Focus group
    • c. Ethnographic research”.

An introduction to customer research (a 3,000-word guide)

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