Empathy is an element that almost guarantees the success for your marketing efforts. Empathizing with your prospects and customers is the best thing you could do to achieve success in your business.

Econsultancy writer Nikki Gilliland has shared some successful lessons from brands which use empathy in their marketing.

Gilliland says, “Why are brands suddenly realising the power of empathy?

According to Google, the assumption that millennials in particular are self-entitled or self-obsessed (and therefore likely to respond to content that indulges this) is misjudged.

YouTube stats show that 70% of millennial users watched YouTube to learn how to do something new last year. Meanwhile, 39% of millennials say an online video has helped change their perspective, and 45% of users agree that a YouTuber has inspired them to make a personal change in their life.

This shows that today’s consumers are not only interested in passively consuming content. Rather, they are actively seeking out content that prompts change, in both themselves and/or the world around them”.

How brands are using empathy to enhance marketing

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