ChromEngage is ready to go, nd the official launch is Friday.

However, our readers can get a special earlybird deal now. (Sorry; earlybird is closed; Come back Friday when it goes live). What does ChromEngage do for you?

Here’s what: This SaaS does something no other software has done before:
■ Builds mailing lists using Chrome Extensions that are unique to you, typically to connect people to your website
■ Makes it easy. On the sales page, Cindy Donovan creates a new Chrome extension in less than two minutes
■ Your extension is fully push notification ready
■ Your extension boosts your Google rankings because Google ranks its extensions highly
■ The end result i that you get increased leads and traffic with just a few minutes work.

You can get a discount if you decide to get access to this new SaaS software before Friday’s official launch.

Check it out here to see how easy (and powerful) it is: ChromEngage

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