In a recent Facebook News Feed update, the company has announced strict action against ‘cloaking’, a technique a used to circumvent Facebook’s review processes and show content to people that violates Facebook ad policies.

Facebook’s Rob Leathern & Bobbie Chang says “Since cloaking exists across many of today’s digital platforms, we will also be collaborating closely with other companies in the industry to find new ways to combat it and punish bad actors. Over the past few months we have been ramping up our enforcement across ads, posts and Pages, and have strengthened our policies to explicitly call out this practice. We will ban advertisers or Pages found to be cloaking from the platform.

How We Identify Cloaking
We are utilizing artificial intelligence and have expanded our human review processes to help us identify, capture, and verify cloaking. We can now better observe differences in the type of content served to people using our apps compared to our own internal systems”.

News Feed FYI: Addressing Cloaking So People See More Authentic Posts

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