Along with your website it is very important that your social media presence is also noted by the search engines. If you are using Twitter to keep in touch with your clients and to promote products and services, Search Engine Land contributor Chris Silver Smith has shared twelve extremely useful tips to enhance your Twitter SEO.

Chris says, “Twitter is one of my top slam-dunk assets for trying to displace negative content in search results. If your reputation has been harmed by some negative content that ranks when your name is searched, a strong Twitter account could be one of your primary resources for pushing the bad stuff lower on Google and Bing. Unfortunately, many individuals, small businesses and reputation agencies do a poor job of optimizing Twitter profiles to enable this to happen. Read on for my ninja-level tricks for Twitter SEO!

When searching for the names of individuals and businesses in search engines, Twitter accounts can appear on page one of Google and Bing if they have been properly optimized. For example, a search for Coca-Cola shows the brand’s main Twitter account on page one in the second position, just below the corporation’s listing for their official website”.

Twitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repair

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