For getting good SEO rankings it is very necessary to optimize the website and especially the home page. Right optimization helps webmasters in improving their conversion rates.

MarketingExperiments’ Linda Johnson has published a video that guide on homepage optimization and conversion rates.

Johnson says, “Every homepage needs to guide its visitors to a specific place. As a marketer, you should ask yourself, what is that place — that main objective of my homepage? What is the dominate message it is trying to communicate to visitors? Until you are clear on that and every element on your page supports that objective, your visitors will experience anxiety, and your page will underperform.

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, looks at a homepage submitted by Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity that has no clear objective. Its visitors become lost somewhere in between the disjointed pictures, ads, video and phrases. Watch now to get ideas for clarifying a homepage’s objective to increase clicks and performance”.

Optimizing Homepages: How A Clear Objective Can Increase Conversion

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