Staying in touch with your prospects is an important task to keep your business growing. Many a time we face the question on how to stay in touch with our prospects. HubSpot’s Dan Tyre has provided a solution to this question in 12 simple tips.

Tyre says, “It’s okay to reach out to good fit prospects who haven’t converted on your website yet. You just have to do it correctly. The key to warm callingis to be efficient, effective, and add value in the first 15 seconds. That’s right — only 15 seconds.

12 Tips for Effective Warm Calling

1) Identify good fit companies.

The best prospects are the ones that look like your best customers. They’ll have similar pain, which means they’ll be easier to sell to and have higher retention rates. Study your buyer personas and learn to recognize your ideal buyer quickly. Review your customer base and identify key similarities between your most successful clients so you have a finely honed sense of what to look for.

One caveat: Don’t just focus on the whales. While it’s important to identify your largest target accounts as early in the year as possible, whales don’t come around often”.

Sales Prospecting in 2017: 12 Tips for Effective Warm Calling

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