With direct-buy programmatic campaign you can enhance your marketing revenues. Econsultancy writer James Cristal has shared three steps to setting up a direct-buy programmatic campaign.

Cristal says, “The three-step process describes from the perspective of an advertiser, the best approach to setting up direct-buy programmatic campaigns…

Step 1: Locate and understand your publisher

There are a whole host of publishers out there to work with in a direct programmatic fashion. Hopefully as a brand your affiliate and partnerships channel is running with a high number of contactable publisher sites. If you have a direct relationship with some of these then great, but if not then networks and agencies can supply relevant contacts from long-tail to premium sites.

Sometimes you are approached by sites that are looking for advertisers to purchase their ad-space, they never want it to go to waste. Two examples are RightMove and Lovemoney, two of which work in direct-programmatic fashion and both reach out to advertisers regularly, but also accept requests via their ‘contact’ landing pages. As we described, many sites prefer to work in this way as it protects what ads are shown to their users, helps control their ad-space and means they can charge premium prices”.

Three straightforward steps to setting up a direct-buy programmatic campaign

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