In the coming days Facebook is planning to give publishers an option to lock Instant Articles shared on the social media service and charge for the full article access.

It would be a great opportunity for the publishers who use Facebook to share their content. But the social giant may face some problems while implementing the paywall.

Econsultancy’s Patricio Robles has shared six challenges that Facebook might face.

Robles says, “Here are six of the biggest that publishers should keep in mind as Facebook gears up to test the subs model.

Developing a workable subscription structure will be hard

Few specifics are known about Facebook’s Instant Articles paywall plans, but it seems clear that Facebook is going to face challenges developing a subscription structure that works for both consumers and publishers.

On one hand, it will likely be difficult for Facebook to build an offering that asks its users to subscribe to content from individual publishers. After all, with so many publishers active on Facebook, there will realistically be a limit to how many publishers users are going to subscribe to if they’re willing to subscribe at all. And logically, users who are already avid consumers of a particular publisher’s content are likely to already have a direct-purchased subscription”.

Six big challenges Facebook’s Instant Articles paywall will face

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