With increasing number of mobile devices and so the user base, mobile becomes a lucrative and handy tool for the marketers to reach out new customers.

Entrepreneur contributor Toby Nwazor has shared five mobile marketing practices that can help marketers grow improve marketing efforts.

Nwazor says, “Here are five mobile marketing practices companies must adopt in the age of “the mobile moment.”

1. Location-based marketing

The era of location-based marketing is here. Businesses send customers notifications when they pass a store and promotions when they are near strategic locations where the brand’s products or services would be useful.

In this context, Foursquare recently released Foursquare Analytics, which grants client businesses and marketers access to location intelligence and technology for more than 90 million geofenced locations around the world.

The company has also moved to integrate Uber into its system, enabling users both to discover places to go and also get there, using the same app”.

5 Mobile Marketing Practices Every Profit-Minded Business Should Adopt

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