For good SEO ranking, backlinks are important for webmasters. By effectively working on JavaScript, webmasters can keep a clean backlink profile.

Search Engine Land’s Kyla Becker has published an article indicating how Google treats JavaScript. Becker has also answered five questions related to JavaScript.

Becker says, “Most SEMs are aware by now that Google is parsing JavaScript and processing content within the DOM. We know this not only because Google has flat out told us, but also because it has been tested.

We know all of this — and yet, tools which provide backlink data are only seeing classically formatted <a href> HTML elements listed within a given page’s source code. They specifically are not capturing link referrals from JavaScript redirects, dynamically inserted <a> tag links or URLs associated with JavaScript onclick events — all of which I will refer to hereafter, collectively, as JavaScript-based link referrals.

With the exception of Google Search Console (GSC), whose backlink data is limited, top backlink data providers like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Moz Open Site Explorer and SEMrush are not currently reporting on JavaScript-based link referrals”.

Did you know? Google sees JavaScript links you don’t

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