Astroblu LTD, headed by Fachrul Stream, is releasing a large collection of video clips especially designed to benefit online marketers. They are calling this new collection Gigavid.

What’s included in This all-new Packages?

As the name implies, this is a large collection of a wide variety of clips suitable for including in videos you create.

In the basic package of video clips you are getting:
■ 50 opener video templates
■ 30 promotion video templates
■ 20 social media video templates
■ 10 HD Business video footage
■ 10 HD Holiday video footage
■ 10 HD Slow motion video footage
■ 10 HD Time lapse video footage

There is an optional upgrade they call their Platinum Bundle, and it contains these additional video clips:
■ 50 opener video templates
■ 50 promotion video templates
■ 50 social media video templates
■ 10 HD Abstract video footage
■ 10 HD Animal video footage
■ 10 HD People video footage
■ 10 HD Science & Tech video footage
■ 10 HD Sky video footage
■ 10 HD Nature video footage

And with the upgrade you receive a Commercial License that allows you to use all these clips in commercial products you sell to clients.

You can see more information here: Gigavid.

In both collections, you will receive videos for several niches.

These templates convey a professional image. The company says they look like they are created using Adobe AfterEffects but you don’t need expensive Adobe software to edit them. All it takes is MS PowerPoint!

You can use these video clips to create all kind videos for many purposes, such as:
• Offline Business promotional videos
• Online Services (SEO, Video Marketing, Website service and much more)
• Affiliate Marketing
• Company Profiles
• And a lot more.

With the Gigavid package, you will gain a large number of video animations. And the whole bundle is less than the cost of a sigle video made from scratch by a contract videographer.

This is a high-quality bundle. Your clients and visitors will not believe they were created with Powerpoint.

All of these videos are animated and are ready to use without editing.

Astroblu has included Step-by-step video training so you won’t feel overwhelmed by this large video asset collection.

Here is something to be aware of: Astroblu has decided to offer this product to you on dimesale, so as people buy it, the price will rise.

With Gigavid, you can easily create your own animated explainer videos quickly, using only Powerpoint.

As if this were not enough, with the help of Astroblu, IM NewsWatch is offering a large collection of video graphic assets that you can use to enhance your videos. To see what our readers can get as a bpnus, at no additional charge, check here: IM NewsWatch bonuses for Gigavid. (Astroblu says they are exclusive, but I suspect they have offered them to other marketers, too.)

If you plan to use video at all, in your business or your clients’ businesses, then check out this new video bundle here: Gigavid.

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