Email is one of the successful techniques for persuading people to take an action. According to a DMA survey, 66% people make a purchase as a result of an email received from a brand.

AWeber’s Julia Nitschke has shared ten tips to write sales email that can convert more prospects into customers and enhance the marketing impact.

On not using ‘salsey’ language, Nitschje says, “As you approach your sales email, try not to think of it as selling. When you provide products or services to people who want and need them, you’re doing more than getting them to purchase. You’re solving a problem they have.

You are equipping customers with amazing tools or essential services. So emphasize that! That’s right – when it comes to creating a sales email that actually influences subscribers to purchase, you don’t need a sales pitch. Just focus on the value your product or service brings to people!”

The Perfect Recipe for Writing a Sales Email

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