Instagram takeover allows brands to take over someone else’s Instagram account temporarily and share content with their audience.

In May, we shared HubSpot’s 7-step guide to hosting a successful Instagram takeover. Marketing Land’s Cley Williams has shared eight steps to host an Instagram takeover.

On choosing the right influencer, Williams says, “Once you have successfully identified which goals and metrics to base the takeover on, the next step is to decide on the right host or influencer to take over your account. A host can be any sort of social media influencer — such as a photographer, blogger, fashion guru or any industry expert who relates well to your brand.

To get the best results from the Instagram takeover, these hosts and influencers for the brand need to have a huge online following on their own that aligns to your brand’s target audience to maximize the reach of the takeover.

It’s important for brands to already have a clear idea of what their target audience is. Social media influencers usually already have a huge following on their own, and brands looking to expand their content reach and get their brand exposed to a new audience can use this as leverage”.

8 key steps for a successful Instagram takeover

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