Conversion rate optimization helps marketers increase the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action by clicking on a link, filling up a form or becoming a customer.

With the expansion of mobile web, marketers put different tactics into practice for getting more customers.

Marketing Land contributo Ben Jacobson has shared three tips to improve conversion using mobile optimization.

On adding one-touch payment, Jacobson says, “Once you’ve improved your render time, you can address another sticking point with mobile conversions: sales friction.

With 90 percent of his company’s traffic and 85 percent of sales coming from mobile devices, NatoMounts CEO Brandon Chatham knows that anything that could increase mobile conversions would make a huge difference to his bottom line.

Since sharpening his focus on mobile, instituting a bullish approach to A/B testing and integrating one-touch payment processing through BigCommerce, NatoMounts has boosted their mobile sales conversion rate to around 5 percent. Compare this to average smartphone conversion rates, which hovered at around 1.5 percent at the end of last year, and you begin to realize the impact”.

New evidence highlights the conversion lift of mobile optimization

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