Warlord Optin Elite was just released. This software can simplify your business by making an offer to everyone who opts in on your website.

Every time someone taps the Warlord Optin Elite button on your site to opt in, you can then send them directly to any website of your choice. It could be a paid offer (even one that leads into an entire sales funnel), or an affiliate product, or your blog or homepage; wherever you choose.

Since these people have already shown an interest in your products and services by opting in, they are the ones most likely to find they related products and services interesting. So, now, you are dealing with warm traffic instead of cold traffic. You’re percentage of sales should reflect that difference.

And after they click the button, even if they change their mind and decide not to opt in, they still get redirected to your offer. That should also get more sales for you.

And Warlord Optin Elite does another thing that can build your sales. If it discovers your visitor is coming from a mobile device, it can dispay a mobile-friendly pop-up screen.

Think about it. No longer are you limited to inviting opt-ins from a single page. Now, you can display a timed pop-up with your Warlord Optin button on it. You can display this pop-up on any page or post of your WordPress site. It will only pop-up for mobile devices.

So, Warlord Optin Elite includes two tools, one that will redirect your visitors and let you instantly monetize your new leads and another that’ll automatically detect which of your blog readers or site visitors are mobile and display a Warlord Opt-in Pop-up directly to them.

To make your decision even easier, we have a 25% discount code you can use when you check out. Just type warlord25 into the JVZoo order form.

You can see this new tools in action here and then get your own copy: Warlord Optin Elite.

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