Marketers use webinars as a medium to transfer information to the live audiences. Many of the webinars are promotional too.

Entrepreneur writer R. L. Adams has shared a 12-step plan to plan and host a successful webinar.

Adams says, “Creating the perfect webinar is a mixture of buyer psychology and sales know-how. It involves leaning on statistics and numbers, carefully analyzing feedback and reactions in a live setting. What actually goes into the perfect webinar is a hefty and carefully scrutinized formula, one that Fladlien shared with me openly.

Step 1: Determine your offer.

The first step in building your webinar is to position your offer so that it’s too irresistible for them to say no to. You need to leverage the principle of scarcity in order to get them to act right away. How will you do that? Will the price go up soon? Will a bonus disappear? Does the offer expire soon? Fladlien says that you need to properly leverage the most enticing elements of the offer if you want people to sign up right there on the spot.

The problem is that there’s only a brief period to really hook them in. How can you position it so that, at a mere glance, your attendees are going to be desperate to purchase? Will you offer some extra bonuses that will make the audience feel like they’re taking advantage of you when they buy?”.

12 Steps for Creating the Perfect Webinar

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