According to Zenith Media, the programmtic ad market has been growing at an average rate of 71% per year for the past five years. The form of advertising is will reach $64 billion dollar in 2018.

Econsultancy’s Jeff Rajeck has shared an article on how marketers deal with programmatic ads. He has reported the advice from Hari Shankar, MD at Escelis.

Jeff says, “When programmatic is simplified down to how ads are served to web browsers, it is relatively straightforward. Publishers announce that they have an ad space to be filled and advertisers bid for the spot. The winning bid then serves the ad to the browser.

The ‘machine problem’ occurs due to how the bidding algorithms work. Instead of offering a free bidding market, programmatic buying auctions are held using a waterfall model. What this means is that while all advertisers can bid for the space, some bids take priority, even if they are not the highest bidder”.

Programmatic has become problematic: Here’s what marketers can do about it

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