Google has launched AdWords Editor 12 with a fresh look and new features to help simplify your workflow. The new version allows advertisers to manage campaigns at scale with custom rules and faster account downloads.

With AdWords Editor 12, advertisers can use custom rules to check for changes that doesn’t align with their best practices. It features the already transferred data of the previous version of the editor.

Talking about the new AE 12, Blake Reese, Senior Product Manager, AdWords Editor, says, “The new version of AdWords Editor also supports bidding to maximize conversions, uploading up to 20 images and videos for Universal App Campaigns, and using the new customization fields for responsive ads. You can learn more about all Version 12 updates in the AdWords Editor Help Center, or download AdWords Editor 12 here“.

AdWords Editor 12 offers a fresh look and new features to help simplify your workflow

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