Entrepreneur contributor Michelle Held has shared business, success and marketing tips shared by four tech leaders. The tips are from Brandon Gustafson, assistant professor of marketing of Oakland University, Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit, Vadim Rogovskiy, the founder of Clickky, and Alex Bornyakov, the CEO of Verta Media.

Michelle says, “Building your network is an important part of your success in business and life in general. It’s helpful to have a group of colleagues and friends to turn to for business and marketing help. Of the conferences that I speak at, Affiliate Summit is one of my favorites. Conferences are an excellent way to network with other professionals, to teach, to learn and to find solutions to my clients’ needs. This year at Affiliate Summit East, I interviewed four technology experts, one of whom is one of the co-founders of the event, to understand their best business and marketing tips”.

Video: Tech Leaders’ Best Business, Success and Marketing Tips

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