Producing content and making your readers like and value it is a challenge. Integration of useful information and figures is one way to make your content valuable. At the same time, being careful about numbers is another way of doing it.

CMI’s Jodi Harris has shared some tips to create technical content in the right way and to generate trust among the readers. She has also shared examples along with the content creation tips.

Harris says, “Content marketing success often boils down to how well your business demonstrates its understanding of the audience’s needs and how well it convinces them that you offer the best solution. When it comes to the tech industry, the ability to translate highly technical concepts and complex details into clear, compelling storytelling is often critical to this mission. Marketing success in this industry may just hinge on your brand’s ability to frame its products and services in terms of how they impact consumers’ lives – or enable them to further their goals and dreams. Use their aspirations as your inspiration to focus on creating a relatable experience through your content”.

How Technology Content Marketers Can Earn Trust [Tips and Examples]

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