LinkedIn Sponsored InMail service provides marketers an opportunity to send targeted messages directly to the people who matter most to your business.

Marketing Land columnist Garrett Mehrguth has shared four ways that can help you benefit your B2B organization and drive more leads with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail.

Focusing on ‘Targeting for Sponsored InMail’, Mehrguth says, “LinkedIn offers a wide variety of targeting for Sponsored InMail: audience targeting based on pages visited, list-based targeting directly from your CRM (customer relationship management platform) or demographic-based targeting around LinkedIn data.

All three of these have a place to be experimented with when running Sponsored InMail. But instead of running through how to click the buttons, here are two innovative ways you can use Sponsored InMail targeting to generate leads:

  1. You can upload a list of all your dead prospects from your CRM to re-engage with them in a new channel. You can also upload a list of all your current outbound sales prospects who are in your sequences/cadences and use Sponsored InMail to add a new layer of sales touches”.

How to generate B2B leads with LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail

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