In the world of content marketing, reviews matter. Positive customer reviews can help you convert more prospects into customers. writer Stephen Van Delinder has published an article advising marketers on handling bad reviews on Google.

Delinder says, “When it comes to negative feedback, studies have shown that customers tend to put more weight into the business’s response rather than the review itself. Customers hate to be ignored, especially if they are disappointed by a purchase. By responding promptly to reviews, particularly negative ones, you’ll be in a better position to build a relationship with the customer and hopefully resolve the issue.

It’s often easy to take negative reviews personally, but it’s essential for the sake of your reputation that you react professionally and don’t get too defensive, even if you feel that the feedback is unreasonable. You should ideally start your response by thanking the customer for leaving a review before attempting to address the issue they had. Also, remember that your reviewers are existing customers, so you shouldn’t use the opportunity to try to sell them something”.

How to Respond to Bad Reviews on Google