Email personalisation is very essential in the modern marketing scenario. Consumers expect tailored experiences in every channel of marketing, and email is not an exception.

Econsultancy’s Kath Play has shared an email personalisation template for marketers. The template focuses on objective determination, strategy development and tactics selection.

On importance of email personalization, Play says, “I’m excited to see the future of email marketing unfold because I believe ROI will increase once we embrace the idea of making email all about the customer. We can do this through advanced personalisation tactics and lifecycle marketing programmes, and proceed to optimise them continuously to ensure we’re achieving the best results.

Personalisation at scale is a no-brainer. It can serve up relevant, valuable offers and content intended for each of your customers based on their past email and web behaviour, ther transaction history and their position at the top, middle or bottom of the buying funnel”.

An email personalisation planning template

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