If you want to build you audience for pennies, Kevin Fahey is offering training in how to become an effective advertiser on YouTube and Facebook.

Fahey says he and his students have bought 1,000 Views For $1.00. And in this new training, he wants to show you how he did it.

Ads creating traffic for your site start the process of collecting leads; the more traffic, the more people sign up and become leads.

That’s why cost of traffic is important. With traffic this cheap, you can buy a lot more traffic and gather more leads.

Kevin Fahey has driven a lot of traffic to his websites. Since 2007, he has been selling online. In these 10 years, he has experimented with many ways of increasing his traffic. He has found that YouTube and Facebook are some of the best tools for building traffic.

Now, in IM Video Ads, he is finally sharing the process he uses to generate hundreds of leads every single day with YouTube and Facebook ads. These ads, used wisely, reach a lot of people.

Targeting can assure that you only show ads (and pay for the exposure) for people. Retargeting can give you a higher impact on those targeted people.

YouTube and Facebook are the 2 biggest video platforms for online advertising, so he focuses his work on prudently buying ads on these platforms.

In IM Video Ads, he shows you everything you need to know to be an effective video advertiser yourself.

IM Video Ads consists of 13 “over-the-shoulder” videos that show you how to drive lots of traffic to any offer you are promoting (either your own product or an affiliate product) using YouTube And Facebook Video Ads..

This new training is being offered on dime-sale and the price is rising daily.

Here’s your link to check it out: IM Video Ads.

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