Automated email campaigns are great for marketers as they help marketers deliver a targeted sequence of email to the subscribers according to the predefined schedule.

AWeber writer Julia Nitschke has shared five strategies to enable marketers design and deliver effective automated email campaigns.

On sending useful content, Nitcshke says, “The fastest way to get marked as spam is by sending emails based on whatever ideas pop into your head. Instead, you should strive to send emails your audience cares about. Emails that bring value to their lives in some way.

The best way to do this is by focusing on your audience’s needs and challenges. How does your business help to solve them? Add it to your email. Whether this takes the form of a new blog post you recently published that addresses a common customer question, a story of someone who uses your product or service, or an email that highlights the benefits of your product, this is the kind of information your subscribers want.

Not sure what to send? Try interviewing a “celebrity” in your industry, featuring a customer testimonial or offering targeted bonus content”.

5 Tips for Building Effective Automated Emails

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