The WordPress Plugins page features 50,706 plugins. Many bloggers publish list of great plugins for various categories. These plugins make your blogging journey smooth and fruitful.

AWeber’ Sam Hollis has shared a list of seventeen WordPress plugins that help marketers improve their email marketing efforts.

Hollis says, “If WordPress is your Content Management System (CMS), there are a ton of ways you can use the tool to level up your marketing and achieve greater success.

With WordPress plugins, you can do things like supercharge your list building efforts, make your website more searchable, provide better experiences for your readers and more. And when you do, growing your list and turning passive website visitors into loyal customers will be a lot easier.

Fortunately, WordPress comes equipped with a myriad of plugins to choose from. Whether you want to optimize for SEO, add a sign up form or secure your site, I’ve put together a list of 17 different WordPress plugins that provide added functionality to help boost your email marketing efforts”.

17 WordPress Plugins Email Marketers Should Know About

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