Partnership Marketing is a collaboration of organizations for developing mid-term or long-term marketing programs designed to help each other meet business goals. It is a for marketing which presents win-win situation for the partners.

Econsultancy’s James Cristal has published a two-part guide on partnership marketing. It focuses on 10 types of partnership marketing such as Affiliation, Content, Distribution, Charitable, Joint products, Licensing, Loyalty, Product placement, Shared stores, and Sponsorship.

Cristal says, “There also thousands of global brands that participate, from Virgin to Google, Pepsi to O2, and Apple to American Express. It is becoming clear then that it’s an emerging subject, and I am sure you will agree it should now be acknowledged as one of the most important marketing techniques to materialise in recent times.

Over the next decade or two we will see an even faster advancement in technology and greater connectivity but this inadvertently means an even higher rate of competition. Those businesses with common aims should stick together; they must collaborate and share resources. Brand sharing and benefiting from each other’s proposition will start to take more and more prominence. For those businesses that want to not only survive but thrive in the 21st century market, then partnership marketing is the answer”.

A complete guide to partnership marketing: Part one

A complete guide to partnership marketing: Part two

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