Customer testimonials help marketers in a great manner as they help them persuade prospects to become clients. According to a Nielsen survey, 92% people trust products recommended by their peers and 70% trust the recommendations of the people they do not even know.

Sujan Patel has published an article on CMI sharing nine strategies marketers can use to integrate customer testimonials in their content.

Patel says, “Testimonials are a type of review and social proof. They serve the same purpose (guiding potential customers and helping overcome objections), but they’re different in one big way: Testimonials are sought and selected by you. This means you have full control over which testimonials are used, as well as where and how they are displayed.

Randomly contacting customers to request a testimonial can work only to an extent. For best results, implement a system that allows you to request and receive testimonials at scale.

Follow up with recent customers

Your product or service will be fresh in the minds of your recent customers so this is a great time to ask them what they think of their experience.

Bear in mind that recent customers are only going to be able to comment on their experience with you up to this point“.

9 Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials in Your Content

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