More and more marketers are optimistic about even better future of email marketing. Email is one of the oldest and long lasting methods of marketing till now.

You need a good subscriber base to reach out more prospects and get more customers. Email marketing is popular among digital marketers for effectiveness and return on investment.

Andy Favell of Econsultancy has shared a list of ingredients that marketers should consider to boost their email signups.

Focusing on targeting as one of the criteria, Favell says, “You know the marketing mantra: right person, right offer, right place and right time – right? A generic “signup to our email” hidden in the links in the footer of your website in no way ticks any of these targeting boxes. But it’s a lot less damaging than throwing up the same massive in-your-face interstitial at everyone that lands on any page of your site.

Start to consider email signups in line with the principles (but rarely practice) of targeted advertising – after all, you are advertising a service. Take into consideration what you know about the visitor, the context of the page, the device they are using and the geographical location of the visitor to make your offer more relevant”.

10 ingredients for email signup success for retailers

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