If you haven’t explored the capabilities of Bleupage Pro, that was announced on Monday, here is a summary . Use it to decide whether this will be helpful to you.

Remember, this new software is designed to automate your management of your accounts on up to 7 top social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, 5 more).

First, it is 100 percent set and forget. No longer do you manually have to schedule posts. You just place all of your post content into one CSV file and upload it. The software handles all the actual posting.

Second, it includes a powerful “Post Designer” that lets you create any type of content you want to post in your fan newsfeed.

Third, it ises the “status” function of the social networks. You just update your status (actually, the software does it for you) to post to all of your social media networks with a single click

Fourth, you can build your email lists as you are posting. Bleupage Pro lets you share discount coupons directly inside your newsfeed and also allows you to add email gates to your posts. All of your leads are saved to your autoresponder service.

Currently, it can connect to the following autoresponder services:
1. Aweber
2. Getresponse
4. 3iContact
5. MailChimp
6. SendReach
7. Infusionsoft

Along with the software, you are also getting:
■ Over 200 Professionally Designed Templates
They include coupon templates, engaging post images, images for different events like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Summer Sale, Winter Sale, New Year etc
■ Target Generator
Target Generator lets you find thousands of hidden Facebook interests you would have imagined.

This service is fully Facebook compliant. It never violates any terms of service. So you can be confident when using this software.

Get your copy here: Bleupage Pro. The price is rising, so don’t delay.

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