Google Analytics helps marketers analyze the performance of their websites by enabling them to measure ROI of marketing activities, impact of content engagement and understanding audience behavior.

In an in-depth article, MOZ columnist Tom Bennet has shared how Custom dimensions feature can be used to supercharge your Google Analytics reporting setup. Bennet has explained Custom dimensions in terms of analyzing user engagement and user demographics.

Bennet says, “A deeper understanding of your target audience is never a bad thing. Custom dimensions are just one of the many ways in which Google Analytics can be extended beyond its default configuration to provide more granular, actionable insights tailored to the needs of your business.

As with many other advanced Analytics features, execution is everything. It’s better to have no custom dimensions at all than to waste your limited slots with dimensions which are poorly implemented or just plain unnecessary. Planning and implementation should be a collaborative process between your marketing, management, and development teams”.

How to Measure Performance with Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics [Tutorial]

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