Marketing Land columnist Tim Peterson has published an article to guide marketers on Snapchat Advertising and how to utilize its self-serve tool. Peterson has described Snapchat’s ad formats, ad targeting and ad pricing.

Peterson says, ”A month after announcing a self-serve tool for any advertiser to buy its standard vertical video ads like they buy books on Amazon, Snapchat officially made the Snapchat Ad Manager ad-buying tool available to all advertisers on Monday.

Brands that can’t afford the types of buys that merit a Snapchat sales rep or that don’t want to pay to buy ads through a third-party software provider that plugs into Snapchat’s advertising API can now purchase Snapchat’s most common ad format without those extra requirements.

While Snapchat Ad Manager makes buying ads on Snapchat similar to purchasing products through Amazon, it’s not as simple as one-click ordering”.

A guide to Snapchat advertising as self-serve tool officially opens

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