At 10:00 EDT, Lance Robinson releases Bleupage Pro, the world’s first 7-in-1 social media management tool that lets you manage all of your social media accounts with just a few clicks of your mouse

Why does this matter? Think about this: social media marketing has become so big that many online entrepreneurs and business owners just don’t have the time to manage their social media marketing.

If you see yourself in that, then Bleupage Pro is for you. It takes a lot of content creation work off your shoulders and automates it.

Specifically, it finds the most engaging content on the internet related to your niche and posts it on all the major social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and WordPress.

And Bleupage Pro will automate the whole process for you. Either create your content or (with an upgrade) let the software find existing content on the web, and it will take ove the work from there, syndicating it yto your accounts on 8 social sites.

This is a social media publishing system that supports:
■ Creating a post and publishing it to all social platforms with one click.
■ Unlimited Post Scheduling
■ Real time posting
■ Post designer
■ IOS Mobile Application
■ Bulk post uploader
■ 7 Social Media Platforms (plus WordPress)

But there’s good news and bad news:

Good: During the one-week launch period (only), when you invest in Bleupage Pro, you will receive, at no additional cost, an agency license that allows you to manage up to 50 sites (belonging to you or your clients) and automate all of them.
Bad: The price will be rising frequently during the week. For the best price grab your copy before 3 PM today.

Now, you can start managing your social media marketing with just 4 clicks of your mouse. There’s no complicated learning curve, and you can start getting results right away, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Google+ and Pinterest.

Get your copy here: Bleupage Pro

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