Google keeps rolling new algorithm changes every now and then. The algorithm changes affect sites in terms of the web rank rise or drop.

Marketing Land columnist Kristine Schachinger has shared an in-depth article on how marketers and webmasters should react to the Google algorithm updates.

Schachinger says, “You get to your computer in the morning. Ready to start work, you take a quick look at Facebook to check what you have missed. You run across someone asking if anyone saw changes last night. They’ll typically also note that there was “a lot of activity.”

“Activity” means that SEOs who follow changes to search rankings saw some fluctuations in a short period of time. If there is “a lot of activity,” that means there were large fluctuations in many websites’ rankings in a vertical or across verticals. Sometimes these results are positive, but mostly they are not. Big updates can often mean big drops in traffic.

So you quickly go check your Analytics and Search Console. Phew! The “activity” didn’t impact you — this time. But what about the next one? This is what happens when Google rolls out large-scale changes to its search algorithms, and what is in these rollouts has been the topic of many articles, tweets and Facebook posts over the years”.

How to stop worrying about Google updates

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