Facebook has opened its ad placement project in Instant Articles to all publishers. Initially,  under Facebook Journalism Project, the company had started testing ad units in the related articles section at the bottom of Instant Articles.

According to Facebook Product Manager Harshit Agarwal, this new initiative of Facebook will help publishers increase their advertising revenue.

More details are available in Facebook’s developer documentation.

On combination of advertising and quality content, Agarwal says, “As always, our goal with ads in Instant Articles is to maintain the best reading experience for people, while driving revenue for publishers and performance for advertisers. We know that Instant Articles provide a better, faster reading experience for people on Facebook, which we’ve seen drive a significant boost of traffic for publishers. In aggregate, Instant Articles delivers between 20 – 50% more traffic, compared to mobile web content”.

Facebook Expands Monetization Opportunities on Instant Articles

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