According to email marketing company ConstantContact, email open rates vary from industry to industry. For example, Automotive services industry gets 13% email open rate and Educational organizations enjoy 25% open rates.

There are various ways marketers can improve their email open rates. And one of the most effective ways is to come out with great subject lines.

AWeber columnist Olivia Dello Buono has shared seven tricks to enjoy higher email open rates.

On length of the email subject lines, Buono says, “While there is no right or wrong answer for the length of your subject line, a good rule of thumb is to keep it short and sweet. This helps to keep your messaging concise and avoid getting cut off on mobile devices or small screens. According to ReturnPath, sticking to 65 characters or less seems to be the sweet spot for character count”.

Get Your Emails Opened with These 7 Expert Subject Line Tricks

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