Wouldn’t it be nice to know (even before your invest a lot of time and money in building a website) what you need to do to make sure that site ranks high?

Wouldn’t it also be nice to know what you need to do to surge ahead of your leading competitor in the Google rankings?

SEO Commander (new software from Cliff Carrigan) will help find real data on ranking and then drill down into this data so that you can make informed decisions based on what works, not on hunches or speculations.

Indeed, Carrigan describes this new software as “The SEO Swiss Army Knife”. SEO Commander can give you thousands of laser targeted keywords that signal buying intent.

And it mines these keywords from some of the top authority sites on the internet, so you know they willo be worth paying attention to.

It also includes question starters which assist you in thinking up blog titles and video titles.

Plus, it includes an unlimited rank tracker/social tracker (without any monthly fees.)

Here’s what one early adopter says about his experience with SEO Commander:

When i first seen SEO COMMANDER i thought that it would be difficult to use because of the words SEO but i am glad to say how wrong i was. It is not just an SEO tool it does a lot more. I have checked out some competitors on it and also dug into some real juicy keywords that i am putting on my new sites, i love the way it hooks into amazon, ebay, bing , yahoo, youtube,shopping.com,google play, google and ask, thats 9 top sources for more nice keywords for me and my sites. I would say if you are on the fence about this to jump in while you can.
London, England

Your SEO can determine your rank in Google and Bing, and that can determine whether anyone finds your site. Don’t leave it to chance. Get your copy here: SEO Commander

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