2017 is the year of interactive emails. It means that email marketers need to evolve tactics that can help their emails more engaging and bring out desired results.

To help marketers craft right emails marketing campaigns, Small Business Trends writer Annie Pilon has shared a list of 50 business email etiquette.

Pilon says, “Email may be important, but if you don’t communicate the right way, you could actually harm your business. There are some business email etiquette rules and guidelines you can follow to make sure your email communication is solid. Here are 50 tips.

Have a Professional Email Address

Before you even start emailing, you need to make sure that your actual email address is appropriate. Ideally, you’ll have an official email address that ends with your company’s URL. But if you do use a personal Gmail account or something similar, just make sure that you keep it simple with your name or initials, instead of trying to get cute or funny.

Include a Direct Subject Line

In each email, you should include a subject line that accurately reflects the content of the email. Just a few word summary will give the recipient an idea of what to expect before they actually read your message”.

50 Well Guarded Secrets About Business Email Etiquette

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